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pat counsel — 29 March 2011, 07:00

Hello Bill Hurley. I just got back from a basketball game at laval where you were one of the referees. You did a great job. My Red Island memory goes back over 50 years when you and your brother Jack came to Red Island for a few weeks of the summer. I never forgot your Ted Williams bat that you brought to the meadow to play ball. Real bats were not a common item for us at that time. It really felt great . I thought the hitting part was rather big compared to a picket off the fence. It was joy to hit the ball so far.

Paul White — 25 January 2011, 14:38

50 years ago my family moved to Hr. Buffett. I still remember going back to Red Island in the summer of 61 and spending a week with my uncle (Tom Ryan). I was 5 at the time.

B. Cairbre McCann, MD — 07 August 2010, 10:26

I am a physician who from July 1953 to June 1954 served as physician on the m.y. Lady Anderson.,providing primary medical services to about 2000 residents in Placentia Bay,on islands and other inaccesable communities,before Joey Smallwood,s resettlements. I am saddened to be reminded by some of the photos I am seeing in your network

Phyllis ( Rose ) Walsh — 13 May 2010, 14:05

MY mother was Ellen Julia ( Carroll ) Rose. My Father William J Rose Sister : Ellen Brother : Tony Brother Isaac My name is Phyllis

Bill Hurley — 18 February 2009, 12:36

My mother was a McCarthy who married John Hurley. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters

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