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Results 2008

10K Results

119Joe Dunford36:54M(1)
28Mack Hatfield41:52M(2)
320Jason Counsel43:28M(3)
48Matt Kippenhuck47:47M(4)
517Duane Haley50:29M(5)
616Aaron Roberts52:03M(6)
714Alfred Power52:38M(7)
823Regina Coady54:28F(1)

5K Results

115Diane Barry29:32F(1)
213Irene Carr33:02F(2)
322Heather Hiscook33:49F(3)


Thanks to Elizabeth Counsel for taking these photos and setting up the online album:



Jason Counsel — 14 July 2008, 08:00

Feel free to comment on the race. We'd especially love to hear from the race participants :)

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