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Rudy Keinath — 30 July 2011, 18:00

I was stationed at the U.S. Air Force base in 1953. Enjoyed touring Placentia during off hours.

Bonnie Joeerger — 30 May 2011, 22:00

Hi, it is Bonnie Joerger again. As I thought, there was an error and Greenspond is not in Placentia Bay, although it states on Nannie's birth certificate!! Although I have been doing lots of genealogical work on our family, the Ways are not the only relatives from NL! There are also Maddick, Withycombe, Follett, Rideout and Osmonds, to name a few. Thanks for everyone's input.

Elizabeth Counsel — 08 April 2011, 03:43

Hi Bonnie, Are you sure it wasn't in Bonavista Bay? I think I've met some people with the last name Way from that area.

Bonnie Joerger — 07 April 2011, 16:28

My grandmother and most of her father's family were born in Greenspond, Placentia Bay, but it does not seemed to be listed. The last name was Way with several different spellings, including Weay. Anyone know exactly where Greenspond is in the bay? Nanny ended up in B.C.

Ray O'Neill — 16 November 2010, 19:11

stationed there in 1953 and 1954 at McAndrew AFB and enjoyed every minute of my time there. Married my wife of 56 years from Long Harbour and who was a civilian employee on the base. Great memories and have been back many, many times.

Jason Counsel — 07 September 2010, 11:22

Sorry Cathy - I haven't received any information yet - you might try the town office:

Town of Placentia P.O. Box 99 Placentia, NL A0B 2Y0

Tel.: (709) 227-2151 Fax: (709) 227-2323 E-mail:

Cathy — 06 September 2010, 11:43

Jason, Any confirmed dates on reunion. We are planning ahead and organizing next 2 summers accordingly. Plse advise on a Point of Contact (PoC).

If specific dates are not known, plse confirm if it is a sure thing and in which month.


Jason Counsel — 01 August 2010, 10:03

I will post it all here Cathy as soon as I get the info.

Cathy — 29 July 2010, 18:36

Could you plse provide dates for Placentia Reunion in 2012. Thanks

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