Scenes Of Merasheen

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Most of these pictures were taken by Elizabeth Counsel, although there are some others that found their way on to this page and we're not sure who to credit (use the form on the Home Page if you want a picture removed, or if you would like your name next to your picture).

chatterbox - Photo taken of Partridge in Merasheen by Pat Hann

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Theresa O'Keefe-Soeller, Pennsylvania — 17 August 2011, 20:09

Beautiful pictures. My mom,Mary Barry, passed away on July 2, 2010. She would have loved to walk this way again.

Jason Counsel — 14 June 2010, 17:41 - cheers!

Carol Ann (Houlihan) Morris — 07 June 2010, 10:23

Beautiful photos. Wondering if it's possible to get a copy?? If so, can someone provide me with contact info.

lucy counsel — 01 May 2010, 17:22

Cathie I wish he would too.My last memory of your dad in Merasheen is when he came home for a visit & took me for a walk as I sat on his shoulders.

Cathie Swaile (nee Hennessey) Winnipeg, MB — 26 April 2010, 07:55

I do wish that my Dad Joseph Hennessey could go back to this place of beauty one more time. He is now 80 years old but insists he will live to 100. Thank you for letting me glimpse the place of my father's birth.

Yvonne Webb(Ennis) — 05 April 2010, 16:15

These pictures are beautiful.

Bernie Knight StJohn's — 07 February 2010, 18:20

Such a nice place,I visited there only once,may get back again, some time.

ELAINE POMEROY-HOWARD — 10 September 2009, 09:10


Rob Greene — 08 October 2008, 22:18

great photos

I lived in Placentia from 1948-1961

rpomroy — 07 May 2008, 13:20

wld appreciate a copy of the picture of the pardridge if possible or who cld I contact. tks. email address tks.

Mike Leonard — 23 February 2008, 10:25

Just another Heaven like all the rest of Placentia bay communities Absolutely perfect

Rita — 09 January 2008, 08:52

Love the pictures of home. Thanks for sharing!

debbie pittman — 04 December 2007, 23:46

beautiful pictures of home nice to see

debbie pittman — 04 December 2007, 23:45

beautiful pictures of home nice to see debbie pittman

glen collins — 19 September 2007, 17:59

very nice picture

Nellie Pittman — 17 September 2007, 14:44
                     just viewed the pictures of Merasheen. There's some beautiful pictures there

ron Hartley — 03 July 2007, 08:07

Beautiful pictures

Mary T. Rose [Wilson] — 04 February 2007, 14:12

Awesome Pictures.I can't wait to go back out this summer.

Jason Counsel25 January 2007, 17:30

Feel free to comment on these pictures :)


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