Reunion 2010

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Reunion Date (Wed) July 28 - (Sun) Aug 1, 2010. Note: We will not be responsible for transportation, but we may be able to provide contacts of boats to hire/rent as time draws nearer.

Deva Murthy — 23 July 2010, 21:48


We met in 2000 and I have very foind memories of Merasheen and being welcomed for a mug up at your cabin when I was there. I hope to make it back this year. I just found out I will be not be working that week and and I am trying to find out if you have any suggestions of people I might contact for transportation?

Hope to see you soon!

lucy counsel — 23 May 2010, 18:48

A special thankyou to Jason & Liz Counsel who are taking care of our online orders so efficiently.We are so appreciative of your hard work. Also a special word of gratitude to all who bought our CD. Your kind words mean a lot to us.

Corinne Pomroy — 18 January 2010, 18:29

The CD is excellent! Ayla and I will be there for Reunion 2010 :)

Joe and Blanche Dray — 08 December 2009, 17:31

Congratulations on your new cd. Hope we can purchase one soon. All the best on your 2010 reunion.

Lucy Counsel — 28 November 2009, 05:09

Indeed Sean will be looking forward to seeing you.Do wish we had cabin room but that is not possible.You are welcome to use all our fine facilities!!!!

Sean Hennessey — 25 November 2009, 10:47

I am planning it...hopefully Pat & Lucy have some tent space like they kindly provided in 1995 with the fully equipped shower thanks to Pat!!

Rosemary and Nick Tobin — 02 November 2009, 12:46

Great We will certainly try to be there.

lucy counsel — 03 October 2009, 14:21

We are getting so excited about the 2010 Reunion.In 1980 we had our first one.So we will be celebrating 30 years since the first one.Be sure to sign the guest book so that we know you have been in.Also inform all your relatives so that everybody can start preparations.


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