October 2012 Newsletter

Oct 13, 2012

Hello Everyone

Well, what a fantastic summer! For those of you who were fortunate enough to spend time in Merasheeen this past summer you certainly had the best of weather.

I would like to touch base and bring you up to date on some of the things that happened this past summer.

During the last week of July there was a small group of people who pitched in and did some work at the community centre. Even thought the group was small, as none of this had been planned in advance, they were very productive. The two old doors were removed, the floor boards in each doorway were replaced, the shores had fallen down in these areas and had to be put back in place and secured. After this the new doors were installed. The door that was removed from the front of the community centre was still in good shape so it was installed in the generator room.

As you can see this was a fair amount of work but everything went smoothly. We would like to thank those who dedicated their weekend to carrying out these repairs and to the ladies who donated meals and feed everyone.

As we mentioned in earlier newsletters, we purchased nine (9) vinyl windows from the school in Placentia to install at the Community Centre. These windows are in great shape but require some work prior to installing. Each window had to be cleaned, with old caulking removed, and a window frame made and fitted. Thanks Lester for taking on this task. Hopefully, we’ll be able to have these windows brought over to Merasheen and ready to install next spring or summer.

Due to work commitments by so many of our volunteers we were unable to put the steps up to the centre this past summer. We will get on that first thing next spring (May 24th weekend) and get it done.

Next summer, we would like to hold a meeting at the Community Centre - during May 24th weekend. At that time we would like to give other people the opportunity to form a new Merasheen Committee. If you are unable to be there in person please let us know if you are interested and we will put your name forward.

We ladies have enjoyed ourselves over the past seven years; we worked well as a group and worked hard. We leave the group feeling a great sense of satisfaction in the contributions we made to the Community and I’m sure each of us will continue to play a role outside the group in whatever capacity each of us see fit.

During the next few months please consider putting your name forward for the new Committee. With every new group there are new ideas and we as a community can only benefit from that.

On the weekend of August 2, 2013 we will hold our committee’s last Garden Party (#4). We will send out an agenda as time draws near, we wanted to get a date out for people who need to plan their holidays in advance.

Labour Day had a great turn out of people who laid wreaths on behalf of their ancestors and loved ones despite it being a very windy weekend. I know if the weather had been better the turnout would have been even greater.

Marjorie (Pittman) had Land & Sea television crew visit the island to attend the Memorial Day laying of the wreaths, clearing/cleaning of the graveyard plus tape some interviews. I’m sure it will be a great show to watch on March 17, 2013.

We’ll send out an updated newsletter as more information becomes available.

Yours Truly

Valerie Power
On behalf of the Merasheen Committee
(Doreen Ennis, Edna Pittman. Evelyn Ennis, Lucy Counsel)


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