October 2006 Pictures

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Below are some pictures taken in October, 2006 by Doreen Ennis.

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lucy counsel — 27 November 2007, 11:49

Hi Beverly Are you a relative of Ernie's?Were you visiting with someone in Merasheen? I visited Isle Valen with my Dad quite often. Where are you living now?Hope we'll meet some time. Lucy

Beverley Lockyer — 24 November 2007, 13:20

Spent many summers in Isle valen with parents.

Basil Rose — 06 July 2007, 19:53

That's a beautiful picture of Little Merasheen.I don't suppose you have any older photos of Merasheen to share do you?

Ernie Lockyer — 18 February 2007, 18:52
  • It'll always be home even though I haven't lived there since I was about 14 yrs old.

lucy counsel — 16 February 2007, 14:53

Good to see you here Ernie.We all know where Isle Au Valen is & Many of us have visited there.It is a pretty spot too.

Ernie Lockyer — 15 February 2007, 17:59
  • More beautiful pictures. I'll go through every one in here before I stop. The cheapest trip I've made to Placentia Bay in many years. Thanks for allowing me to see them.

Jason Counsel25 January 2007, 17:29

Feel free to comment on these pictures :)


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