November 2010 Newsletter

November 10, 2010

Hello Everyone,

The summer has come and gone with Christmas around the corner.

This memo was a little later than we had hoped in getting out. However, we had a hard time in getting everyone together. We couldn’t drag Doreen from Merasheen until last week. Evelyn and I are in new jobs (10 days straight, 10 hrs per day), Lucy practically lives between the Church and the funeral home and Edna is full time at the boathouse. Finally on Oct 24th we were able to sit down and discuss some issues.

• Washrooms- are completed and look fantastic. Our hats go off to all the men and women who helped make this washroom a reality. All, sometimes at the expense of working at their own cabins, did a lot of hard work. A special thanks to those who refused to give up until the washrooms were fully functional and working for the Garden Party: the last fitting went in the sink just hours before the Garden party started.

• Excavator – due to problems in scheduling transportation and rental of the excavator last summer we were unable to get the machine over to Merasheen to begin ditching etc. With the touchdown of Igor on the island and leaving a bit of a mess behind, we are hoping to have the excavator over in the spring of 2011.

• Stairway - Next summer we are hoping to construct a walkway/steps up to the Community Centre, this will bypass the muddy bank that a number of people have sled over the previous years.

• Garden Party 2012- the next garden party would be scheduled for 2012. However, the general consensus of our group is that we need to sit this one out. I thing everyone needs a break from selling tickets and doing fundraising. Having a Garden Party every two years is very labour intensive, especially the fundraising portion. We have decided we are unable to commit to a 2012 garden party.

With that being said, if anyone would like to take on the onus of fundraising and preparing for a Garden Party in 2012 please let us know. If not, we’ll just try and arrange for everyone to be there for a good ole time.

Everything, as you know, is in place that is required for a great dance or party on the island. We have the Community Centre, washrooms, band equipment, and generator. All we have to do is turn up; bring a pot of soup, some refreshments, instruments and a comfortable pair of shoes.

The present committee group will stay in place. Everything will stay the same except for the Garden Party. We will take care of the infrastructure; excavation for ditching, construction of stairway to the Centre and replacement of door to back of Centre plus a few other things we have in mind. We’ll see how things progress from there.

NOTE: We have Boxing night booked at the Star Hall Placentia again this year for our Merasheen dance. Music is by the Visions. Please come out and enjoy yourselves.

There are still Merasheen CD’s for sale.

Thank you - Viola Pomroy for coming on board with us and taking care of orders for sweatshirts/T-shirts etc.

Thank you - Jason and Liz Counsel for handling the CD orders on the Merasheen website and keeping it updated.

Thank you – to everyone who has helped us out in any way. Your help was very much appreciated and required in making everything a success.

We will keep you updated as things progress and we hope to see you all at our Merasheen Boxing night dance.

Valerie Power
On behalf of the Merasheen Committee


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