November 2009 Newsletter

November 4,2009

Hello Everyone

Well it looks like Christmas is just around the corner and before you know it we’ll be talking about this summer and the Reunion. With that in mind we wanted to bring you up to date on a few things we are currently working on.

Merasheen Farewell CD

We are presently having a number of CD’s copied of the original Merasheen Farewell Album that was recorded by the 1980 Merasheen Reunion Committee (Loyola Pomroy and Billy Wilson). The copies will be available for $ 10.00 ea. Anyone who is interested in obtaining one can contact us or we’ll have them available during Boxing Night dance and the Reunion.

Merasheen 30 Year Anniversary- Going Strong CD

During November we will be producing a new CD at Kevin Collins Studio to commemorate our 30th Anniversary since the first Reunion of 1980 we are hoping to have the CD ready by mid December and have copies at the Boxing Night dance. We are very, very excited about this CD. The CD will feature approximately eighteen (18) different singers, plus a few musical numbers. All performers have Merasheen family ties. Once the CD is finished we will email you the information as to who is on the CD, the price etc.

Washroom Construction

Constructions of washrooms are in final progress. We have the exterior of the building complete with a four foot wide extended walkway from the Centre to the washrooms. The cost of the washroom and walkway thus far is close to $6500.00. This is for building materials, transportation etc. All labour was free of charge and we had a fantastic turn out on both weekends.

We had people who volunteered from morning until evening with just a short break to eat. We thank every one who took the time out to lend a hand in all capacities from off-loading the boat, bringing supplies to the Centre, making soup & sandwiches, wiring, hammering, sawing, putting up walls and siding, building the deck, whatever needed to be done was done. It was a pleasure to see how well everyone worked together. Some people dropping jobs they had to do at their own places to help out. Thank you, Thank you, it can’t be said often enough.

We will be scheduling anther trip in May or early June 2010 to finish up the inside, this will consist of painting and installation of plumbing before the reunion.

Band Equipment

Each year when there is an event at the Community Centre we have to rent out band equipment. This equipment is costing about $700.00 every time with transportation cost included. During our last rental we were told the price would be going up. With that in mind we purchased band equipment for the Centre, this includes speakers, amplifier (8) plug in, microphones, stands, cables etc. This is equipment that was previously used in a band and is of excellent quality. We are very fortunate to be able to purchase this for $1300.00. (In two events it will pay for itself).

Bake/Craft Sale

We are having a bake/craft sale November 22, 09 from 1:30 to 4:30 PM at the Star Hall Placentia as a fundraiser for the Reunion. Please come by and bring a friend. You might see something you would like to purchase.

Christmas of 2009

Don’t forget our Merasheen Christmas dance, Boxing Night at the Star Hall Placentia. Music will be by the Visions.

Reunion/Garden Party 2010

Reunion/Garden Party 2010 is around the corner. The date will be July 28 – August 1, 2010. Thirty Years (30) since the first Reunion.

We are expecting a good turn out for the upcoming Reunion/Garden Party of 2010. We’ve had various feedback from individuals. One comment we’ve heard is that people do not want every minute planned during the Reunion, this is very understandable, we realize this will also be a time for families to get together and catch up on family news, etc. Please do not feel obligated to attend all functions, the events are planned to cater to different people, sometimes the elderly, sometimes the children, sometimes everyone. Take the time to do what makes your time enjoyable, that’s what this is all about.

Thanks for your time

Val Power On Behalf of The Merasheen Garden Party Committee

Jason Counsel — 11 September 2011, 16:24

James - there was a CD put together a couple of years ago. I'll keep my eyes open for where it might be available.

james stempien — 05 September 2011, 06:04

can I get a copy of the original Merasheen Farewell Album?

Jason Counsel — 21 November 2009, 12:18

Had a great time recording the CD - thank-you to the committee for giving the opportunity. Congratulations to the other performers - great job!


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