Merasheen Summer2009-Rosarii Withers

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oejeqjbjs — 21 January 2013, 03:02

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Sarah — 20 January 2013, 09:00

The reunion was weruonfdl and I applaud all who helped to make it possible. I live out of town and feel guilty for not being around to help. I would love to help as much as I can on the next reunion. It might be fun to create a memory/address book. I would love to help on something such as this. Computers make for many hands from great distance. Nice job reunion committee!!!!!!! Chris Schull P.S. Isn't it uncanny how little we all have changed??? or do I need my glasses changed that certainly could not be the case!

Jeanette Pomroy — 05 July 2010, 08:04

Great picture Rosarii! Hope you are going to the reunion this year, we have to get together!! :)

lucy counsel — 01 May 2010, 17:25

Lots of memories in those pics.Beautiful Rosari.

Mary T — 15 February 2010, 15:41

Great pics. Rosarii


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