Merasheen Memorial Cross

This summer, a cross will be erected on the hill near the church, overlooking the graveyard, to honour all deceased Merasheeners, buried in Merasheen and elsewhere. It will be of polished granite at a hight of about 8í. At the base or floor of the monument, there will be approximately 130 stones , each measuring approximately 12Ē square.

In an effort to offset the cost of this memorial, there are two fundraising events planned:

(1) Tile/Stones can be purchased individually and you can have the names of relatives, friends, etc. engraved on them. Each stone can hold up to 2 names, at a cost of $20 per name. Stones can be purchased from Paddy Ennis via email transfer; via cheque/mail to 15 Newman Street, St. Johnís, NL A1E 4T9; or via cash by dropping off at his home address. The deadline for ordering and paying for these engraved stones is January 31st. There is a one-time set up fee and the supplier will do all engraving at one time. Any orders not placed by January 31st may have to be ordered individually by the purchaser directly from the supplier at which time the engraving/set up cost of each stone will be $250.00 (suppliers cost). 40 stones have been ordered to date, just from Merasheen Facebook site.

(2) A dance will be held at Knights of Columbus, St. Clare Avenue, St. Johnís on Friday, February 13. Music is by the Walsh Brothers and tickets are $10 single. Get your crowd together and come out for a time!! Tickets can be purchased from Paddy Ennis 745-2508 in St. Johnís or from Lucy Counsel 227-3536 in Placentia.

The cross will be unveiled at the reunion immediately following the War Memorial ceremony. (That ceremony is scheduled to commence at 12:00 with a parade from the plant wharf Ė more info will be available on Merasheen page on as well as on Merasheen group Facebook page prior to the reunion).

Thanks to everyone for all your present/past/future support of the memorials. These can only be completed with your help and financial assistance and so far that support has been phenomenal!!

- Marjorie Pittman