Merasheen Born And Merasheen Bred

CD Release: Merasheen Born & Merasheen Bred

Merasheen is the largest island in Placentia Bay that was resettled in the late 1960’s. In 1980 Merasheen hosted its first reunion and the tradition has continued for 30 years with the next reunion upcoming in 2010. This CD “Merasheen Born & Merasheen Bred, 30 Years – Still Going Strong" is a tribute to our parents, grandparents and the traditions that we hold near and dear to us. We hope you enjoy it.

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The CD is currently sold out. Thank-you to everyone for your support!

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Track List

1. Merasheen Born & Merasheen Bred: Donatus Fulford - Kevin Pomroy (accordion), Eric Connors (guitar), Val, Tobias, Lucy, Rosarii, Cis, Eric, Betty, Steven, Eugene (chorus).

2. Me Old Ragadoo: Anita Best – Acappella.

3. The Islander: Ryan Connors - Eric Connors (guitar), Jason Counsel (banjolin & harmony), Ryan Connors (bodhrán).

4. Gabe’s Song: Steven Pomroy - (vocals & guitar)

5. The Black Sheep: Denis & Ernie Walsh (tribute to their dad, Din Pat)- Kevin Pomroy (accordion), Eric Connors (guitar), Eugene Pittman (bodhrán), Lisa, Cis, Rosarii, Lucy, Betty (chorus).

6. Paddy Get Up: Jason Counsel - Jason (guitar), Art Pink (accordion), Viola Pink (bodhrán), Bart McCarthy (bass).

7. The Hardest of Men: Eugene Pittman -Jerome Carroll (accordion), Jim Conway (guitar), Derm O’Keefe (guitar).

8. Now I’m 64: Eric Connors - Kevin Pomroy (accordion), Eric Connors (guitar), Eugene Pittman (bodhrán), Bart McCarthy (bass), Ernie, Denis (chorus).

9. Tunes: Pius’s Favourite - Kevin Pomroy (accordion), Eric Connors (guitar), Eugene Pittman (bodhrán), Bart McCarthy (bass).

10. The Wrong or the Right: Carter Pomroy - Art Pink (accordion), Jason Counsel (guitar).

11. Gentle Mother: Barb Wilson - Marion McCarthy (guitar), Bart McCarthy (bass & mandolin).

12. I’ll Forgive & I’ll Try to Forget: Betty Pomroy - Kevin Pomroy (accordion), Eric Connors (guitar), Eugene Pittman (bodhrán).

13. The Boston Rose: Gene Collins - Tony Collins (background vocals), JJ Carroll (bass), Hal Evoy (guitar), Kevin Collins (mandolin).

14. She Moves Through the Fair: Kevin Hartley (dedicated to his dad – Ned Hartley), Alfred Dyck (harmonica).

15. Very Unfortunate Man: J. Tobias Pearson – Acappella. Val, Rita, Lucy, Eric, Carter, Viola, Jason (chorus), Eugene Pittman (bodhrán), Kevin Collins (Harmony).

16. Rocks of Merasheen: The Wilsons - Rosarii (lead vocals), Johnny (guitar), Mary T., Cecily, Denise, Gerard, Lisa, Jason Counsel (tin whistle).

17. The Devil’s Dead: Art Pink (accordion), Viola Pink (bodhrán), Jason Counsel (guitar), Bart McCarthy (bass).


1. The Rocks of Merasheen by Al Pittman, Pat Byrne & Joe Byrne, Socan. Used by permission. Sung by The Wilsons accompanied by Johnny Wilson (guitar) & Jason Counsel (tin whistle).

2. Hardest of Men by Billy Kelly. Used by permission. Sung by Eugene Pittman accompanied by Jerome Carroll (accordion), Jim Conway (guitar), Derm O’Keefe (guitar).

3. The Islander by Bruce Moss. Used by permission. Sung by Ryan Connors accompanied by Eric Connors (guitar), Jason Counsel (banjolin), Ryan (bodhrán).

4. Now I’m 64, Traditional. Sung by Eric Connors accompanied by Kevin Pomroy (accordion), Eugene Pittman (bodhrán), Eric (guitar).

5. Paddy Get Up by Patrick Counsel. Sung by Jason Counsel accompanied by Art Pink (accordion), Viola Pink (bodhrán), Bart McCarthy (base), Jason (guitar).

6. The Boston Rose by Liam Reilly – Traditional. Sung by Eugene Collins.

7. Gabe’s Song - ). Credited to Gabe Pomroy written in part, shortly before he died & finished by his sisters – Viola & Madonna & his niece, Nina & sung by son, Steven.


Thank you to all our volunteers for sharing their talent and making this CD possible. Special thanks to Kevin & Roseanne Collins for their outstanding hospitality during the recording of this CD.


Albert Fudge — 26 May 2010, 17:20

Received my Cd May 26th. Great job. I hope you have a great reunion.

Adele Fulford Edwards — 22 May 2010, 16:05

Rec'd cd in mail May 21th.enjoying it very much.good job!

Doreen Ennis — 08 March 2010, 12:45

Jason, thanks for your dedication to this website

Nellie Pittman — 08 March 2010, 09:11

I am really enjoying my CD.Everyone did an awsome job.It sure brings back fond memories of Merasheen.I know my mom Bride Rose would have loved it. She will always be remembered for the song The Tiny Redlight.

Minnie Pittman Murphy — 06 March 2010, 15:13

Good job! I have the CD and enjoy it very much. I hope to see you at the Launch party.

Amelda (Wilson) Boland — 01 March 2010, 09:07

Loves the Cd. Plays it all the time.A job well done by all involved.Especially loves Carter Pomeroy's song.

Cecily(Wilson) Guiney — 10 January 2010, 10:45

Got my CD and I am enjoying it very much,you are all to be commended on a job well done.

Susie Counsel — 05 December 2009, 17:14

Great job on the cd everyone!

Ron Wilson — 02 December 2009, 05:15

Got the CD's yesterday and every song was great. I'm sure Scott and Heather will love them when we bring them to them on Christmas eve.

Lucy Counsel — 27 November 2009, 17:55

Just listened to the CD.Each & every one of the artists have reason to be proud.We are very grateful for the time they put in to this venture.The talent is outstanding.I'm sure you'll all be as eager as I was to listen to it.Just contact Val or Ev or Edna.

Liz Counsel — 27 November 2009, 17:24

I just listened to the CD and I loved it! Congratulations to all the musicians and singers! Great job by the organizers too!

Val Power — 26 November 2009, 11:27

Doreen, with all the time you've donated over the years, I think Merasheen is very lucky to have you.

I second Doreen's comments. The CD is, as the kids would say, "Awesome". It's a CD you would love to have in your car to sing along with and a perfect gift for the toe of a Christmas stocking. We are hoping to launch this CD officially in the coming months, but we wanted to have it out before Christmas.

We should have the first batch done by week ending Dec 5th with others to follow shortly after.

Doreen Ennis — 26 November 2009, 05:49

What talent it is too!! This is an awesome CD that everyone will enjoy even those of us who were not 'Merasheen Born and Merasheen Bred'.How lucky I am to have found Merasheen and how honored I am to have you all as friends

Mary and Wally Avery — 25 November 2009, 22:46

Thanks Jason for getting this info and pictures to us with your busy schedule and all. Congratulations to all involved in this project. We sure look forward to hearing the CD. We still enjoy the 1980 recording. Thanks!


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