May 2013 Newsletter

May 1, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick note to keep you in the loop about the upcoming Garden Party for this summer. Now that the good weather is approaching, people are getting an itch to find out what is happening this summer. The Committee recently met and had some discussion about this summer’s events. After hearing some feedback from people who wished to have the Garden Party in August this year, we decided to go with the dates from August 1 - August 4th, 2013.

On our Schedule of Events the Concert is showing for Friday evening and a dance for both Friday and Saturday nights (as some people showed concern about having to get up early Sunday and face a long boat ride after the dance). We tried not to schedule too many activities, as it impacts time people have with their families and other activities people may want to do on their own. That being said, the Schedule of Events is not in wrote in stone, there could be some slight changes prior to August. If so we’ll send out a revised copy.

The unveiling of the plaque (Friday afternoon) is a ceremony to honour fellow Merasheeners and their families who have served and are still serving in the Armed Forces. We encourage everyone to attend in honour of those men and women.

In a newsletter sent out Oct 10, 2012, it was mentioned we would like to hold a meeting at the Community Centre during May 24th weekend to see if there were other people who would like to put their names forward for the Merasheen Committee. We decided to hold off until the Garden Party as most people will be out there at that time.

We look forward to seeing everyone this summer and will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Yours Truly

Valerie Power
On behalf of the Merasheen Committee
(Doreen Ennis, Edna Pittman. Evelyn Ennis, Lucy Counsel)


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