Lucy Counsel's Merasheen Summer

This summer of 2007, we had the privilege of spending some quality time in Merasheen.Actually we had two visits. They were both wonderful experiences.I would recommend it to anyone. There were times when it was absolutely quiet and serene And we could be one with nature.Then there were times when we gathered with friends & our songs,conversations & laughter resounded through Merasheen.

On our first visit in July we were accompanied by our son,Jason and his wife ,Elizabeth and her sister, Bridget Canning. Our next door neighbours were Lester,Valerie & Alex Power who were settling in to their newly acquired cabin. Over at the wharf we had Carter & Rita Pomroy. Over the road were Willie & Barb Wilson. Loretta & Eddy Pomroy & family were at their cabin. Father Din,John & Ernie Walsh were at their cabin. Down in Little Merasheen we had Ray & Gail Hann,Mary & Julie-Ray's Mom & Aunt respectively. Peter & Aline & Leo Hennessey were at their cabin. Ray summed up Peter & Aline's loyalty to Merasheen very well. He said, "they have made a wonderful commitment to Merasheen, coming all the way from Calgary all those years, every year". They are indeed to be commended for that. Ray's wife Gail is too to be commended. To see someone from Prince Edward Island to be able to spend two months on Merasheen is to be applauded. I dearly love Merasheen but I find a week or two at a time sufficient. But I'm always eager to go back again.

Needless to say, the people present had all the makings of a good time. We all met at the Community Centre & had one great party. It was a fun-filled night for sure.

On our next visit, we didn't have quite as many people. It was August 31 & I was quite eager to celebrate my birthday in the place of my birth. Danny Pink & Loyola came for a visit in September. George & Doreen Ennis were in Little Merasheen as were the Hann's & the Hennessey's. We had a sing-a-long around a fire Doreen made on top of the hill. It was beautiful. Before we left the Hann's hosted a formal dinner at their cabin,cocktails,song & music to christen their new deck followed by a sumptuos dinner. Afterwards we accompanied Pat Hann to his cabin & enjoyed it tremendously.

Do hope you enjoy the photos and if you have more please send them along. And do sign the guest book so that I know you have seen them.

God love all of you & keep you safe & healthy until we meet again.


These are pictures from the second trip (late August - early September):

A big caribou on the brow of the big back cove

The muddy hole on our way back from a walk. We had all of Big Merasheen to ourselves

Lucy & Ray Hann on his new patio and new patio door

Ray's wife is from PEI. She served brushettes for appetizers

While we dined , Carter and Rita were hauling nets just off the fish rock

A Merasheen Bunny!

More Pics from the first trip...

1. 2.
3. 4.
5. 6.
7. 8.
9. 10.
11. 12.
13. 14.
15. 16.
Captions (courtesy of Pat Counsel)
  • Photo 1:Ernie & john walsh, jason counsel (lucy hennessey (counsel) son:
  • Photo 2 :FR. (Monseigneur) Din Walsh
  • Photo 3:Elizabeth(counsel) & Bridget canning on Granparents old homestead:
  • Photo 4:Pat Counsel at the "centre"
  • Photo 5:from left, Rita Pomroy(Cochrane), Julia (Wilson), Ray Hann, Lucy Counsel(Hennessey), Valerie Power
  • Photo 6:Peter Hennessey
  • Photo 7:Jason Counsel, Ernie Walsh
  • Photo 8:Rita and Carter Pomroy
  • Photo 9:Loretta Pomroy(Casey) & gran- children. John Walsh on the left
  • Photo 10: Leo Hennessey. Ray Hann and his mother Mary
  • Photo 11: Fr. Din & John Walsh
  • Photo 12:Bill Wilson (Of John & Stella)singing "Uncle Bill's song"
  • Photo 13:Valerie (of Jim & Margaret Connors) & son Alex
  • Photo 14:Ray Hann & Gail
  • Photo 15: Bridget Canning ( of Dermott) trying to bring it the old way.
  • Photo 16:Ray Hann singing the old traditional way with hands joined


margaret senior crocker — 15 October 2010, 16:48

nice pictures iam organially from tacks beach,(bests hr)

Joanne Dray-Byrne — 30 March 2008, 13:46

Beautiful pictures

Lorraine Wilson Batterton — 29 February 2008, 11:05

Hi Lucy,

I loved the photo's and seeing what was Dad's cabin reminded me of the summer before Mom's passing. I spent most of the time taking photo's and writng down all the interesing stories that Mom and DAd shared with me. I plan on returning with my family for the garden party this summer.I look forward to Violet going back as she was only two when she last visited the island. Please let me know if you require any assistance in preparation for the party.

Alice Connors — 01 February 2008, 15:59

Lovely pics Lucy. Hopefully I will see you this summer.

David Hennessey, Bedford, NS — 28 January 2008, 17:46

Nice memories!

Dave&Hannah Griffith/Fulford — 09 January 2008, 03:43

Hi Lucy, This would be Dave/Griffith and Hannah/Fulford! When I booted up this site I got goose bumps looking at the Island!! Even though we cannot frequently visit Merasheen, our hearts are there!!

Madonna Rose Collins — 09 November 2007, 14:56

Beautiful pictures, Lucy. I always love looking at shots of our island home. I look forward to the day I can visit Merasheen again to enjoy the serenity you describe so well.

Margaret (Rose) Connors — 12 October 2007, 05:22

Hi Lucy Thank you for sharing your experiences with those of us who cannot get there to be part of them. Marg

Luci Willianms - October 10, 2007 — 10 October 2007, 12:01

Lucy, thank you for sharing your pictures and memories of Merasheen. It truly touches everyone's hearts and brings back fond memories for us. Hope to be there for the garden party next summer. It just seems when someone sees "Merasheen", their hearts light up and fill with memories! Cheers.

C. George Brown — 06 October 2007, 14:28

George Brown - 05 October,2007.I am from Tack's Beach.I have had a cabin in Best's Harbour for 17 years.My wife Bertha(Bertie)who was a Penney from Tack's Beach get there four or five times each year.There is no place like your roots. My sister Vera Mitchell sent me the pictures.Needless to say, they are beautiful. Have a good year.I am a retired teacher.

Vera (Brown) Mitchell — 05 October 2007, 11:52

Great pictures. I am from Tack's Beach.

Patrick J. Hennessey& Family — 03 October 2007, 11:30

I especially like the bunny picture-Rabbit stew anyone? Hope to be there for next year's Garden Party.It has been far too long since I have visited my favourite place on earth. Thanks to everyone who has assisted in keeping the community going as a thriving and vibrant place. Keep up the good work!!!

Marie (Ennis) Taylor — 02 October 2007, 06:12

Thanks for the pictures and memories Lucy. Hope to be out for the Garden party next summer.

eric ( wig ) connors — 02 October 2007, 05:46

sure wish i was there guess we left a week to early. but there,s always next year. see ya all then

Hannah (Fulford) Griffith — 01 October 2007, 15:14

Hi, Lucy. Thanks for beautiful pictures. Brought back memories of all the times I walked the road. I can still close my eyes and see everything as it was. Still hard for me to realize that all the houses are gone.It is a special place in my heart that I treasure. Thanks so much such a very nice presentation and for being so generous to share it with all of us.

Take care. God bless. Love

Doreen Ennis — 01 October 2007, 12:44

Awesome pictures Lucy!Sorry I wasn't there for the "time" but I'll make up for that next year

Val Power — 25 September 2007, 11:44

Lucy , thanks for taking the time to share your story with us. The photos are excellant. I did enjoy our week in Merasheen, the only thing I didn't like was leaving and seeing you guys stay. I can't wait to get out again.


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