Jan 2007

A Message from the Chair

January 22, 2007


I would like to echo Lucy's comment about the great turn out at our Merasheen Christmas dance. We've had very positive feedback on both of the mini-concerts/dances and I'd like to thank everyone for this feedback. It's great to know you are all enjoying yourselves and it's great to see everyone participating. I would like to thank Lucy again she has put a lot of work into organizing these concerts. The entertainment for these mini concerts have been through her effords and I would like to say she is doing a fantastic job, very professional. We certainly have a great depth to draw from for entertainers. We had great perfomers at both our first mini concert this summer and our Christmas mini concert. It was wonderful to see new faces and old with such talent. Thank you again entertainers and thank you to the people who came out and supported us. We couldn't do it without you.

For anyone who is expecting to be in the Placentia area this summer our committee is planning a Dinner Theatre at the Star of the Sea, Placentia. The date is booked for July 15th (Sunday afternoon). We had to go with this particular time due to other events being scheduled for Friday and Sat night. We will be sending out a program as the time draws nearer. We have contacted the Placentia theatre group and will be working with them to plan some great plays and other entertainment (hopefully we'll have a few of our Merasheeners sing a few songs as well). We are really excited about this and are looking forward to it being as successful as our other functions. I hope we have a good turn out. Please pass on the word to both your family and friends. We'll be selling tickets in advance of the Dinner. We have to do it this way in order to let the Star know the number of dinners to prepare.

With the participation of everyone we hope to see both a washroom facility and propane stove in the community center for our next Garden party 2008.

I would also like to thank Jason for the excellent job he has done in getting this site up and running. I'm sure we will have some great stories and pictures posted here in the future to share.

Thank you



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