Gerard Wilson Pics

Scenes from Merasheen and Placentia Bay, courtesy of Gerard Wilson.



Jason Counsel — 29 August 2012, 16:59

The second last pic is the church in St. Kyran's. I can't help you with the family question, buttry posting in the Guest book: as well.

Catherine macisaac — 24 August 2012, 16:46

I meant to mention, my nanny, triffina best eddy, married my grandpa, he was from Arnold's cove placentia bay. His name was George Willis boutcher. I would love any info. We are a great family, and very close to each other

Catherine macisaac — 24 August 2012, 16:41

I would like to know what the second last pic is. Looks so beautiful. I want to make a trip that way in the next couple of years.

Catherine macisaac — 24 August 2012, 16:36

Just found out our nanny was born in merashean! Her mom died giving birth to her. She was born a " best" and adopted, by I believe her auntie an " eddy" . I would love to have info of any kind. Please. My nanny was born January 23, 1892. Her name and her mothers was triffina best. Soooo interested! I could have family I don't know about! And we are all very much family people!

Bernie Knight, St.John's — 07 February 2010, 18:10

Amazing,beautiful pictures I'M SPEECHLESS. The latest CD is just great.I'm a friend of Phyllis Best.

Amelda Wilson - Boland — 17 December 2007, 11:23

Beautiful pictures!I would love to go for a visit.

debbie pittman — 04 December 2007, 20:19

to young to rem living there nice to see pics

glen collins — 19 September 2007, 18:01

nice pictures

Nellie Pittman — 17 September 2007, 14:51

Beautiful pictures .Love looking at pictures of home.I go into the merasheen sight often to see if there's anything new.Just found this one today

Basil Rose — 06 July 2007, 19:51

Great pics cuz! I really enjoy looking at photos of home. That's the first time I've seen Uncle Paul in five years!!

Sheila Pitcher (Ron's Daughter) — 03 June 2007, 08:09

Hi! These pics are beautiful. I love the ones of the virgins cove. I really miss that place. can't wait to go back some day again.

Cecily — 14 April 2007, 11:59

Hi Gerard,

Really enjoyed looking at your pics thanks for sharing them. Makes me think of home. Your cuz,

Cecily(Wilson) Guiney

Rita M. Rose — 13 March 2007, 14:05

Love your photos Gerard. Great job and thanks for sharing with us.

Ernie Lockyer — 15 February 2007, 17:40
  • Beautiful pictures. They make me homesick. Home is that rock across the bay called Isle au Valen!!

Marg Connors — 02 February 2007, 05:34

Love the pictures, love the place, love the people!

ANNE and STEVE, NORTH VANCOUVER B.C. — 31 January 2007, 23:12

Sherry Connors — 29 January 2007, 06:36

These Pictures are fantastic, can't wait for the next one. I truely love the scenery of Merasheen, there is no place more beautiful!!

Valerie Connors Power — 28 January 2007, 11:59

Great photos. Feel free to add more. I really enjoyed those. Great to see so many people have a good time. Makes you want to hurry up and go back.

Doreen Ennis — 26 January 2007, 04:05

Gerard, thank you for sharing those wonderful memories with us.I wouldn't mind being on the beach in Virgin's Cove right now!!

lucy counsel — 25 January 2007, 19:00

Gerard I just saw the captions when I moved the cursor.You are quite the photographer!!

lucy counsel — 25 January 2007, 17:59

Gerard ,these pics are beautiful.I would love to see them captioned for people not aware of the places-like the 'pissemere" & a few others.They sure would promote tourism-they are awesome!!

Jason Counsel25 January 2007, 17:24

Feel free to comment on these pictures :)


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