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eric connors — 07 October 2008, 16:11

great great time

Lucy Counsel — 04 September 2008, 16:01

From August 6-10, 2008 in Merasheen, we had some very lively events for our Garden Party. Keep your eye open for the next one because it's an event and a place you should not miss.

The fun, the peace, & the goodness of the people gathered there could never be bought. It was truly remarkable. As Patricia Burke's grand-daughter, Anna, {Age 7} said, "Merasheen is a fun place but it would be a sad place without God". I truly believe our faith that was nurtured on Merasheen has sustained us throughout our lives. It makes our get-togethers so precious.

We want to share our excellent time we had in Merasheen this year. If you were there add your experience. If you were not there, comment on the photos and sign the guest book even if you have signed it before. That keeps us connected.

patcounsel — 30 August 2008, 11:06

who would ever attempt to jack up a community center in the middle of a party? where would you round up enough people in ten minutes to lift a dory out of the plant? where would you get enough volunteers with the staying power to plan an event for two years and carry it out with great results.and finally ,on a more personal note, where would you find people to take care of you for 8 days on an island when your back gave out? i continue to marvel at the cooperation, enthusiasm and kindness of the merasheen people. i'm eternally grateful i married one.

Angela Croke — 22 August 2008, 13:34

Was there with Jerome Ennis. Enjoyed every minute. Great people, great times!!

Jerome ennis — 22 August 2008, 11:01

Fantastic time!!!

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