December 2006

December 2, 2006

Hello Fellow Merasheeners,

I am enclosing a copy of the letter that was posted to the Merasheen web site after this summers Garden Party for anyone who didnít have the opportunity to view it.

Since the Garden Party in July myself, Edna, Doreen, Lucy and Evelyn met to discuss if we would like to carry on as the Merasheen Garden Party Committee. After this summers event a number of people approached us and wanted to know when the next garden party would be. After meeting we decided we would take on the task for another few years. The intent would be to have a garden party every second year (next one 2008). This would enable us to have fundraisers to perform necessary repairs that are required for the community center and also to raise monies for the garden party itself.

Eugene Pittman has graciously donated his time to pick up the materials required to do much-needed repairs. We, the garden party committee, donated the funds for these materials. In addition to the general upkeep Eugene identified as needing attention a.s.a.p. We would like to see the following take place over the next year and half.

  • Washroom facilities built off the deck to keep this area separate from the community center but on the same level for easy access. This is a must for seniors
  • To have steps go all the way up to the center.
  • To purchase a second hand propane stove in good condition to place inside the center for kitchen parties and events.
  • We would also love to have the graveyard attended too. We all have loved ones buried there and it would be great if during our time over there we could clear away some of the headstones to once again able to read them and have our graveyard part of our community

This off course would require a lot of labour. Once again this would be a much easier if we could pull together as we did for the garden party and get a group of people out on the Island to make small work of all of these repairs.

To help support these ideas and to move forward. We have the Star of the Sea booked January 6th Old Christmas night for a pre dance concert starting at 8:00 pm followed by a dance. Lucy has a tentative line up booked but if you would like to sing or do a skit please contact someone on the committee. Lucy will be away for Christmas and wonít be back until early Jan. 2007.

We have also asked Lucyís son Jason to help us develop a new Merasheen Web site. Daryl has had that task since the last reunion and deserves a much-needed break. Daryl thanks for the great job. It was good to be able to have our own site and visit it to share stores and pictures. The new web page will be somewhat similar; Jason is still doing some groundwork on it and will get the site address out as soon as itís completed.

After our dance on Old Christmas night we are hoping to have another fundraiser during the summer. If anyone would like to come forward with an idea please feel free to contact us.

Doreen Ennis has taken on the role of treasurer for our committee. We have opened an account at the Royal Bank for the Merasheen Garden Party Committee with Doreen as the main signature along with the signature of either myself or Evelyn Ennis to write cheques. This will give the committee a sense of accountability.

If anyone would like to make a donation to the Committee over the next year you can make your cheque payable to the Merasheen Garden Party Committee and mail it to

Doreen Ennis
Site 3, Box 6
Southeast, Placentia
A0B 2Y0

As much as we would like monies donated. We would also love to have a donation of labour.

Thank you for your time and hope to see you on old Christmas night.

Valerie Power
Merasheen Garden Party Committee


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