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Laura (Wilson) Goss — 05 August 2010, 16:37

I missed a great "time" again this year - the weather did not co-operate. I'm pretty much of a coward when the winds are gusting to 60..I am so proud of you"younger" ones who worked so hard and did such a wonderful job organizing & participating in this celebration, You're just amazing. I hear good reports daily. Congratulations on a job well done.

Jeff Conway/Wilson — 18 March 2010, 12:36

Nice to see there are remenents of Merasheen! My family is from there and I know they long to return.

Rosarii Withers — 01 December 2009, 16:30

Just wanted to say thank you to Lucy and Val who put in a lot of hours into making this CD. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to hearing all the songs on the CD. Thanks again.

Val Power — 26 November 2009, 11:16

Sorry guys, all the pictures we took on Kevin's Camera didn't come out. I got these few on my camera before the batteries went dead.


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