Armed Forces Memorial Plaque And Fundraiser Information

We are trying to compile a list of names of Merasheeners and their descendants who have served in the military since 1945. Would like to have dates started and finished or retired, rank, branch of the military, what type of work, where worked, any overseas duties, commendations, any applicable info, etc. Also, please include date of birth, death if applicable, parents, spouse, and children.

The plaque will have the name, rank, and years of service. All the other information will be included in a small booklet to be distributed During Labour Day ceremony. If we have all the names, dates and ranks very soon, we can have the plaque ready for unveiling during the garden party; otherwise it will be Labour Day, but we are aiming to have it done by August. Either way , we need names ASAP. By the way, the ceremony and parade will be going ahead again this Labour Day weekend, details to be posted on the Merasheen Facebook page and website at a later date.

As you can appreciate it is not easy to get all this done within a short time frame. We have contacted some people individually and have obtained some info, but would really like to have all that listed above asap. You can email the info to me at or dad at Or Lucy Counsel at

We have approximately 50 names so far and don't want to miss anyone, so can you please provide ANY information you have on anyone you know so that we will have everything covered.

To cover the cost of this plaque, we will be holding a fundraiser/dance on SATURDAY, May 25, 2013 at Shriners bldg on Topsail Road, St John's, tickets $10 each, music by The Walsh Brothers, tickets to be sold on a Texas Mickey as well as 50/50draw. Tickets should be available in a couple of weeks.

Thanks to everyone for all your support.

Marjorie Pittman


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