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Phase 2 of Research Coming to an End

  • May 2010

PHASE 2 WILL SOON BE COMING TO AN END. The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #33 and the Festival of Flags would like to thank everyone who provided information and photographs on the men and women in Placentia Bay who served In WW1, WW2, Korean War and Peacekeeping over the past months.

All information and photographs received have been input to the Festival of Flags database for the Placentia Bay Military History Research project. Festival of Flags plans to make this database available on the upcoming Festival of Flags website. Watch for further information in this regard.

We welcome your continued input over the coming months. You are welcome to continue to submit any information you may have regarding those who have served or are now serving, to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #33 Placentia or the Festival of Flags. Festival of Flags will be submitting funding applications to further this project, in preparation for the 100th Anniversary of Beaumont Hamel in 2016 and the 100th Anniversary of the End of WW 1 in 2018.

Please call (709) – 227 3378 (709) – 227- 3001; FAX (709) – 227 – 3399; or, please EMAIL US AT: FESTIVALOFFLAGS@NF.AIBN.COM - Elaine.Murray@bellaliant.net

Placentia Bay Military History Research Project

  • January 2010

Festival of Flags is partnering with The Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) Branch # 33 Placentia, Newfoundland, in another phase of a Military History Research Project.

Both groups first worked together in 2005, producing a Commemorative Book acknowledging the Year of the Veteran and the citizens of the Placentia and Area - Cape Shore who served in the World Wars, the Korean War and Peacekeeping worldwide and, the 60th Anniversary of the End of WW 11. Further relevant research was carried out by Festival of Flags in 2008.

In this current phase of the Project, (2009-2010) the focus has broadened to include the military service of men and women of Placentia Bay.

We are also inviting the participation of people from Placentia Bay who emigrated to other parts of the island, and all across Canada, to the United States and internationally, who are willing to share information, stories, photos, etc. about relatives or friends who served in war. We would also like to establish contact with other community groups in the process of collecting information on the military services of residents.

The Military History Research Project purposes are: to provide the RCL with an information base necessary to create a “Great Book” on Placentia Bay veterans; to develop a website containing all available information on PB residents who served in war; to provide a solid foundation for Festival of Flags to commemorate upcoming Centenary Celebrations; i.e. 70th Anniversary of the End of WW 11, 2015; 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Beaumont Hamel, 2016, 100th Anniversary of the End of WW 1, 2018.

Equally as important, the Project will add support to the development of the proposed International Museum of World Peace on the site of the former United States Military Base at Argentia.

Please contact Elaine Murray in this regard at: 709.227.3378 or 709.227.3001 or please email: festivalofflags@nf.aibn.com or Elaine.Murray@bellaliant.net

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