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In my absence I said I better write some instructions on how to make updates and changes to this site. First of all - don't be afraid to make changes! Each page has a history of changes, and I (or anyone with edit access) can revert the page back to it's earlier form (i.e. you can't break it).

All you need to get started is the password - click the login link on the top right of the page and enter the password in.

If you have logged in successfully, instead of 'login' in the top right, you should see 'edit'. So if you want to see what a page looks like in Edit mode, click the link :)

Editing Rules

Take some time to visit the BasicEditing page to get the basic skills. Just the first few bulleted points will suffice for now.

The Calendar of Events

The Calendar of Events is located here: Calendar of Events. If you've logged in, then you can start creating a new event. Goal #1 here should be to add anything in the printed FOF Calendar on to the website, so choose one of those events. On the left side of the page, you should see a 'Create Event' button. Change the 'Name the Event' to the name of your event (try not to use any punctuation) and click the 'Create Event' button. You'll be brought to an edit screen to enter in the event information (always put your name in the Author field).

In order for the event to appear properly it needs a time stamp. You can put the time stamp at the beginning of the page in this format: (:Timestamp:YYYYMMDD:)

The title of the page should get formatted automatically. If you save the page and are not happy with the formatting, you can use the (:title:) tag to change the title. For example:

(:title FOF Rocks:)

would change the name of this page to 'FOF Rocks'.

Also, to keep Artists page alive and kicking, include a link to their page if you know they're going to be playing somewhere. For example [[Artists/2Y0|+]] will link to the 2 Y 0 page where people can see their upcoming gigs.

Here's what a regular event looks like (i.e. must have info):

The 32nd Annual Canada Day Folk Festival is being held Thursday, July 1st at Castle Hill.  
This will be an afternoon filled with enjoyment, beginning with the opening ceremonies 
(cake cutting and flag raising ceremonies).  Talented local performers will provide entertainment.  
The fun begins at 2:00 p.m.  In the event of bad weather, the festivities will take place at the Star Hall, Placentia.

Here's what an event with a changed title, a link to an outside website and an Artist link looks like:

[[Artists/ScottOKeefe|+]] will be playing this 9:00 Saturday night at the [[http://www.thethreesisters.org|Three Sisters Pub]] 
in Placentia.
(:title Scott O'Keefe At The Three Sisters Saturday Night:)

Sources for Event info

You guys have much of this done already, but here's where I get most of my info:

  • The Church Bulletin
  • The Charter
  • Facebook updates
  • Direct by e-mail - you may want to contact the Star, FCC, and some local establishments to forward their events to events@placentiabay.ca
    • as a side note, I've created fof@placentiabay.ca and festivalofflags@placentiabay.ca if anyone would like to use them :)

Editing the Festival of Flags Information

First - let me say that Festival of Flags should be including http://www.placentiabay.ca/festivalofflags as their website in it's communications! That is what this partnership is all about!

Any page you visit can be edited in the same way. To create a new page, you can include a link on an existing page: [[NameOfThePage]] or [[PageURL|Name of the link to the page]]

If you feel like the page is very important and should be added to the navigation on the left, then Edit the SideBar

That should just about do it for now. If you have a facebook account I can add you as an admin to make contributions there as well.

Good luck!

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