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The Placentia 350th Inc. will be requiring 6 positions for 26 weeks. This is a provincially funded program and eligibility requirements will have to be met for employment.

  • 6 Event Support Staff at $425 per week

During this work experience project, the JCP participants will gain exposure to all aspects of event planning, event organization and promotion and minimally have opportunities to:

  • Work closely with local and regional tourism, recreational and sporting, cultural and community volunteer groups and associations;
  • Aid in Community beautification projects and event set up
  • Gain hands-on experience in:
    • local and regional tourism marketing projects
    • event development, management, production and logistics
  • Learn the dynamics of moulding an event team and the value of teamwork;
  • Become acquainted with event site planning and the elements required to make an event site work;
  • Hone communication and people skills required when dealing directly with the public.

Being part of a successful team will inspire confidence in participants and working on a large, successful community event does not hurt one’s resume. This combination of skill development and enhanced self-esteem will certainly improve the employability of each JCP participant.

The 350th Anniversary Celebrations represents a huge opportunity for the Town of Placentia to enhance its reputation and economic importance in the province. The Celebrations will educate not only the local residents, but indeed, all residents of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador re: the significant role the town played in the history of this province and Canada. It will also serve as a catalyst to the development of Placentia’s cultural tourism strategy.

Resumes to be dropped off at Town of Placentia Main Office before May 25th, 2012.

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