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To help promote and get ready for the Placentia Pumpkin 5K - the Placentia Bay Athletics Club is sponsoring a running clinic every Thursday evening at 6:00pm starting at Laval leading up to the run/walk on Sunday, Oct. 30.

Each session will begin with a brief presentation on some aspect of running (gear, running form, diet, workout types, etc...), followed by a walk-run suitable to the fitness level of the group. The purpose of the clinic is to help people who want to start running by providing the support they need to do it in a healthy, sustainable way.

To enter the clinic, it is suggested that participants should be able to comfortably walk 30min at a brisk pace. Always a good idea to visit the doctor and get the "all clear", especially if you have previous or existing health issues to consider. All ages welcome. Other than that, bring a positive attitude, an open mind and a smile, knowing that you're starting something very positive for your health and well-being!

Cost: $30, which includes all 8 sessions and your registration for the Placentia Pumpkin 5K! All proceeds to Ronald McDonald House NL. You can donate at the clinic, or go to the following link:

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