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The Placentia Intertown Come Home Year Public Monthly Meeting will be taking place on Wednesday, March 30th, 2011, at 7:30pm at the Placentia Bay Cultural Arts Center. Anyone from the communities of Ship Harbour, to Great Barasway, are encouraged to attend.

From July 20th to July 29th, 2012, the Placentia Intertown Come Home Year committee will be hosting a spectacular “Calendar of Events”, to welcome visitors from home and abroad to our area and to join us in a celebration of the richness of our multinational history in the Southwest Avalon Region.

The CHY Committee is collecting pictures from all communities of all past and present events to post on the website. You can drop off your picture to Donna Griffin at Mary Brown’s.

For further information please feel free to call Donna at 227-5186/3763 or Gene at 227-4650 or visit the CHY website at:

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