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Plans are well under way for the unveiling/dedication of the Merasheen War Memorial for Labour Day Weekend - Saturday September 3rd. The ceremony will proceed - rain or shine. Be prepared for the weather (i.e. rain gear and rubber boots) and the possibility of delays due to weather and most of all - a good time.

Some highlights are as follows:

(1) Transportation: No transportation will be provided, but the following may be interested in taking some people. You will have to make contact directly for arrangements:

  • Kevin Brewer 227-2600 - Note: he already has a full load for first boat out on Friday (2nd) and first boat back on Monday (5th)
  • Nelson Pittman 227-2318
  • Kevin Efford 227-3767 or 9541

Some boat owners from Merasheen may also have some room, but you'll have to contact them directly. If you know of anyone who may be willing to take some people, can you advise everyone.

(2) Volunteers: Looking for volunteers:

  • to make a tray of sandwiches, cookies or cake for the reception following the ceremony. Not sure how many people will be there - we are expecting about 150, give or take a few dozen, so every little bit helps.
  • be the 'official photographer' for this occasion.
  • play drums, or any other musical instrument in the parade

Please let me know if you can do any of these. Thanks.

(3) Itinerary: The following is a tentative itinerary:

      11:45     Gather at the wharf
      12:00     Leave the plant wharf for parade to Church hill
      12:30     Ceremony for dedication of Merasheen War Memorial (should last about 1 hour or so)
       2:00     Reception at Community Centre (sandwiches, cake, cookies, tea/coffee)
       3:00     Jamboree - including some songs and dancing, and perhaps a square dance.

(4) Wreath Laying: During the ceremony, there will be three wreaths laid for members of (1) WWI, (2) WWII, and (3) Merchant Marine. Anyone who wants to lay an individual wreath are welcome to do so, just let us know the name of the person who is laying the wreath, the veteran who you are laying it for, and on whose behalf you are laying it. I'd like to have this info asap for the programme. So far we have the names of 3 or 4 people who will be laying a wreath on behalf of their family.

(5) Information Booklet on Veterans: I have only received information on four veterans and this , unfortunately, isn't enough to proceed with a booklet; however, if I receive additional info in the next couple of days, I might be able to do up something. Anyone know where I can get these programs printed off for FREE????

(6) Fundraising Dance November 5th: Another dance will be held on November 5th at the Knights of Columbus, St. Clare Avenue, St. John's, music by the Walsh Brothers. Hopefully enough money will be raised at this dance to cover the remaining expenses related to the construction of the monument. Tickets will be sold in Merasheen on Labour Day and will also be available from various people after that.

We're hoping for a large turnout - so spread the word. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 3rd!!

See you then!

Marjorie Pittman:

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