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As part of the “Discover Placentia” Speaker Series, an event that invites authors or speakers for a reading and/or discussion, the Placentia Area Historical Society welcomes Anne St. Croix and Amanda Crompton for an afternoon event. Discover Placentia is hosted by the Placentia Area Historical Society, as well as by Placentia 350, Inc.

Amanda Crompton will offer a public lecture that will present new archaeological and historical interpretations of the Vieux Fort site on Mount Pleasant. The new archaeological, historical, and cartographic evidence allows a better understanding of the Vieux Fort's history and the lives of the soldiers who lived there, the relationship between the garrison and the wider community, and their relationships with the Atlantic world in general.

The presentation by Anne St. Croix will use Google Earth technology and other forms of interpretation in multimedia to share the research she has done. This research lends insight to the influence the Sweetman family of Newbawn, County Wexford has had on settlement and social and cultural elements of the Placentia area, Cape Shore and the islands of Placentia Bay. Given the information gathered on family surnames, Anne has followed the “ways “of Irish immigrants to Placentia, along Cape Shore and onto the Islands of Placentia Bay as initiated by the firm of the Sweetman Company.

Location: Placentia Bay Cultural Arts Centre
Day: 23 March, 2013
Time: 1pm – 4:30pm
Tea, coffee, juice and snacks will be provided.

Free admission

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