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There is an Art Workshop with Margaret Walsh Best: “From Ireland to Newfoundland: Plants of the Emigrant Trail” on Friday, September 23 from 10:00 -4:00 pm. at the Placentia Bay Cultural Arts Centre. The cost is $80.

Many of our plants travelled to us with our early settlers. These plants will be the subject of this workshop and used by Margaret for her demonstrations. At first glance the intricacy of a blossom or plant might overwhelm. Margaret will simplify the plant so that you can approach your painting with confidence. She will present her guidelines for composition, choosing colour and creating form. The artist will work in watercolour but participants may feel free to work in their medium of choice. This workshop is suitable for all levels. You can check some of these pieces on her website at

For workshop registration or other details contact the Town of Placentia at:

  • 709 227-2787
  • e-mail:


  • 709 753-2643
  • email

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