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Jeff Kelland

Got Talent? Well, we’ve got the stage for you! Come share your talent with us in: “On A Wing And A Player”! Hosted by veteran singer and entertainer, Jeff Kelland, The Three Sisters Pub and Restaurant in Placentia will be presenting two musical entertainment shows featuring open-mic sessions on the 25th of June, during their weekly Wednesday Wing Night Special! All you need is your instrument, and if your instrument is your voice you just need an accompanist with an instrument – we’ve got everything else. You can even bring your jamming partners, and we’ll put as many of them on stage as we can. Just show up on one of those Wednesday nights, and we’ll try to fit you in; but if you want to be sure of a place in the show, or you have a little combo we need to coordinate little a bit, just email Jeff at and give him your particulars, and he’ll be happy to accommodate you.

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