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Amy Tucker — 03 June 2013, 19:12

Southwest Avalon Regional Workshop: The Opportunities and Challenges of Mega-Project Development.

You're invited to attend a Harris Centre Regional Workshop in Placentia on June 6, 2013 for the Placentia Area, Cape Shore and St. Mary's Bay North. It is a free event that will be held from 10:00am to 5:00pm at the Placentia Bay Cultural Arts Centre. This workshop will provide an opportunity to share your work, challenges and ideas with Memorial University faculty, students and staff; municipalities; non-profit groups; businesses and industry; government agencies; and community volunteers.

The following themes have been developed with a local planning committee, and discussions could possibly surround:

Addressing labour shortages o How can businesses and organizations recruit and retain workers to fill the labour needs? o How have mega-project developments changed the ability for other sectors, such as tourism and retail, to hire workers? o In what ways can communities cooperate to provide services to the local labour market?

Fostering industrial development and cooperation o What opportunities are there for local businesses to tap into the needs of mega-project developments? o How can communities and industries cooperate to share in opportunities and avoid conflict? o What innovative businesses exist, and what other opportunities are out there?

Dealing with the social impacts of development o Since rent and the cost of living are on the rise with high pay for professionals and skilled trades workers, how does this impact others living in the region? o How can communities make sure that vulnerable populations are not left behind? o How can communities prepare for the fall-off of activity once the construction phases of mega-projects end?

The event will include a lunchtime Memorial Presents Public Forum on the opportunities and challenges facing the Southwest Avalon, held from 12:30-2:30pm.

Previous workshops have resulted in dozens of collaborative projects, including: Two Memorial professors helping a community organization understand and respond to the environmental assessment process for a major development project. A Memorial graduate student locating, mapping, photographing and researching tourism-related sites in partnership with a local entrepreneur. The writing and development of a script for a play about the rich history of a Southwest Coast community, to be performed as part of the region's cultural development activities. The development of an entrepreneurship program for youth, organized by a Memorial student group and a regional development board.

Please pass this on to anyone else who may be interested!

The registration deadline is May 30th.

Register by visiting or calling 709-864-6115. Workshop registration is free and lunch will be provided by the Harris Centre.

Please contact Amy Tucker at or 864-6115 if you have any questions.

Thank-you for your attention, and we hope you can join us in Placentia!

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