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Laval Sr. Girl's Basketball

Laval Dinner Theatre Dec. 15, 2011

The Princess And The Pea

Laval Remembers 2011

Laval Awards June 24, 2011

Speeches and Good-byes

Speeches and Goodbyes Part 2

Awards: (click here to watch on ustream)

Laval Drama April 13, 2011

Senior High

Junior High

Division 1 Basketball April 8-10, 2011

Tournament Slideshow:

Scott Batten Professional Photos:

Clarence Sutton Memorial Mens Division - Images by Scott Batten

Ladies Championship

Men's Championship

AAA Girls' Basketball Provincials March 26-27 from Laval High School

Championship Game: Laval vs. Stella Maris 7:45pm March 27

See the other games on Ustream

Laval v. Ascension March 12 from Unity PARC Arena in Placentia (Don Cherry Cup Qualifier)

Saturday, March 12 - 2nd half Laval vs. Dunne: Champioship Game 3A provincials
Friday, March 11 - Laval vs. St. Catherine's

Here is the recording of today's game

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